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Vertuous means to live well/live right or to do good. The “U” in Vertuous represents “You”. It will always be you vs. you no matter if your working towards a goal or working on being more active or whatever life may bring. One thing to remember is that we must first “Try” and end with a “Start”. Vertuous is here to help you to find balance in your life to live well and build a lifestyle for wellness in style.


 My paternal grandmother name was Vertie, which is where the spelling of "Vertuous" derived. She was one of the most inspirations in my life who always encouraged me to “keep living” no matter what the complaint or situation may have been. At the time those two words didn’t make sense to me until I became older and complained about minor body, aches and pains. “Keep living” not only speaks to me personally but physically as I exercise to keep living a healthy lifestyle and to stay fit. My grandma was the epitome of strength with a genuine heart. Her strength and courage to live is now living through me to motivate and encourage you with a piece of style to your new lifestyle!

-Brittney Bates-

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